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Hiring employees is a matter of high responsibility. We help the entrepreneurs and HR leaders from all industries to build a great team ahead. Draftover provides pre-employment and post-employment verification of candidates whom you are willing to hire. We promise to deliver cost- effective & high-valued services that adds value to your organization.

What all includes in our background verification process:

  • Employment Verification-Checking the authenticity of the previous employments and salary details is on high priority as that affects your current offered position and job responsibilities.
  • Peer Verification- Knowing about your candidate from their peers and colleagues makes you confident about the professional and personal nature about the candidate.
  • Senior Verification- Senior Verification allows you to get a real feedback of the candidate how he/ she liable towards the job and how easy or tough they were to manage.
  • 360 degree reference check-360 degree reference check includes the complete reference check from all the companies thorough out the career he/she has worked for. It also includes family and friends reference check that ensures a wholesome coverage of his/ her personality.
  • Education Background Check-Education verification becomes one of the key for an on-job success. So it is extremely crucial to get perfect details of educational background.
  • Police Verification/ Criminal Records Check-Police Verification and criminal records check provides us detailed information about the candidate’s criminal records (if any).
  • Address Verification& Neighbor Verification-Address verification and neighbor verification process goes parallel with criminal reference check. Address verification is important as that ensures about the whereabouts of the candidate.
  • Identity Verification- ID verification involves all sorts of ID authentication of the ID proofs provided by the candidate. ID verification includes- voter ID card authentication, PAN card authentication, adhaar card authentication, etc.
  • Global Database Check-Global Database checks include any global certificate check, be it educational certificate, employment certificate, passport and VISA authentication of the candidate.
  • Drug & Health Screening- Health screening and drug test includes medical check with proper reports that will ensure if the candidate is addicted to any drugs. Medical test will ensure about medical fitness of the candidate that is required as per norms of the company policy.

Our strong USPs:

  • Delivery time commitment
  • Accuracy in Report
  • Quality Service
  • Authentic Research & Validation

We work for all sorts of industries:

  • Retail Sector
  • IT Sector
  • Educational Sector
  • Banking & Financial Domain
  • Service Industry
  • Manufacturing Units
  • Health Care Sector
  • Non-Profit Organizations


Best Background Verification and Screening service for Employees including employment verification, educational verification, address verification, identity verification, reference check, police verification, criminal check, credit report, global database check and lot more.

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